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Drawing Commissions!
Raygo kiryuin by idont0know
VI league of legends by idont0know
Hey guys, I really want to start earning money for my Europe trip :D. 5k is my goal, the extra amount (actual price of the trip is approximately 4 thousand something) is for purchasing more supplies and materials and if anything happens :). I can do most of what you ask with the exception of NSFW, which I would do if I lived alone LOL. Any commissions I do will be uploaded on Deviantart, and does not have to be if requested

on the left: Ragyo Kiryuin
on the right: VI from league of legends

I can also do other commissions in different media, and more complex art, but the price will be different. If interested, contact me:
If you don't want to pay by points, I will be making a paypal sometime soon.

for more specific/differing levels of commission, go here: (journal link to be made)

Instagram: neirofeel 


art trade: Loki by idont0know
art trade: Loki
Here's a pic of Loki chan's oc Loki! Hope it did well with it haha. I tried to make a doe version of her but it kinda didn't work out xD.

Medium: pencil, Copic maker
Paper: 11×17 smooth bristol by Strathmore
Time: 2-3 hrs
Mira Mayfine Commission pt 2 by idont0know
Mira Mayfine Commission pt 2
Haha finally got around to doing this. To be honest though, it was in part that I never liked what I was drawing. Something would always be off and not seem natural lol. Anywho, I designed this a little differently. I was thinking alot about a different form of Mira. I wanted this to be like a second or third form, you could call it like "forsaken mode" for example. Her skin is black because I wanted to show how her dark power could be manipulated. It warps around her skin creating a thin but effective shock absorbent armor. I made her hair wavy and longer to try to give a feeling of a goddess/ elegance. If this were colored, the outfit would primarily be navy blue and a platinum. The boots would be pitch black and the armor on it as platinum as well. The wings are also supposed to be black but i didn't want to lose the detail (it's like my first time drawing wings since 8th grade). Miras hair is also a crimson red and her bangs a white. The orb on her chest acts as the control center, without it, the armor can no longer hold itself. When Mira is in this mode she does not use her weapons. Using mainly her dark power and hand to hand combat she takes down her enemies with punches and kicks amplified with dark power (forgive my redundancy lol). When she does bring out a weapon, it is completely composed of dark energy and she actually goes into another mode, to balance out the use of a weapon.
Mira Mayfine pt 1 by idont0know
Mira Mayfine pt 1
Here's pt 1 of Rekstheenigma's commission. I wanted to do 2 pieces since it was more of a conceptual commission. I tried getting a fiercer look from mira. She's usually stoic, but I wanted to show her undying will that she would have to protect her sister and her friends. I'm still not sure if I got the look I wanted though (it's probably the nose haha). On the right half, it's her in her helm. I gave her a slight smile to show lust in fighting. I felt that mira would also be going against her internal struggle against herself, making her fight for Lucy a much more intense goal.
my speedpaint/ digital art account :
notes: drawn by mouse
          hypercam 3 (but my trial ended =3= )
meh, there will be really slow uploads there cause all i want is a tablet

AND, thank you guys for all the favs :D. I appreciate all of it. I'm putting this comment up in case i never get around to thanking you personally. :)

UPDATE: I finally got my own tablet :'D!!!!!!!!!!!!! so now i'll be a tablet user, not a mouse one. well  maybe, i'll go back to doing mouse drawings sometimes.:D
link to my digital mouse drawings:…


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those panda rice balls >:D DAT PANDA

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RekstheEnigma Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Student Artist
I finally finished Jotaro, and am halfway done Stardust Crusaders the 2nd Season.
tmszpz Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hey! Thanks for the watch and for the favourite! :)
RekstheEnigma Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Student Artist
Hey I've been meaning to tell you that I've been watching Jojo's adventure. I've been liking the trip. yeah, I think I'm getting a better understanding how Jojo works now. Thanks for recommending it by the way.
RekstheEnigma Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016  Student Artist
You want to help collaborate and build an organization for my Cross World? Drawings might not be required.

Use Notes to respond.
Masacreator Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015  Student General Artist
Thanks a lot for the fave.
RekstheEnigma Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015  Student Artist
Hey, I got your commission in the mail today. They turned out pretty good. Thanks again and Happy New Year :)

I feel like I should pay a bit more than... what was it again? 75 dollars total? What, maybe another drawing request, do you got a character you would like to see as a Pokemon?

Or, perhaps this would continue what I would call, a Request Spiral.
idont0know Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! Good to hear that it came in safely. Happy new years to you too! Aha if you do want to draw me something, how about some of the main chars from jjba. I'm in love with it and I'm totally hyped for the new season coming out soon. You can do jotaro or josuke as a pokemon.
RekstheEnigma Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015  Student Artist
Hmm... I've never seen Jojo before.  Curiosity  Could be a nice change. I'll try to do Jotaro Kujo. Maybe I'll watch the anime. Should I? Or you could tell the things I need to know then go off from there?

Actually,from what I've seen of the series, some have 'Personas' maybe I should Pokemonize the Stands, Star Platinum. Ha! Jotaro could be Red.
idont0know Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh yes, you should watch the anime, it's sort of a funky sort of show. it's actually very popular, some of the poses the characters make are famous. But you don't need to watch it to get the gist of jotaro, he's quiet, stoic, tough. He doesn't talk much. Pokemonizing the stands is a great idea though! You could make jotaro like a pokemon trainer xD.
o0LokiChan0o Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist 
Sorry for the wait ;o;
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